Guests of Utopia Carnival Cruise and Festival Can Now Pay For Their Cruise In ‘Bite-Sized Portions

August 21, 2023

Guests of Utopia Carnival Cruise and Festival Can Now Pay For Their Cruise In ‘Bite-Sized Portions

In the second major announcement to hit the local entertainment scene on Friday, the organizers of Utopia Carnival Cruise & Festival (UCCF) have rolled out a convenient way for patrons to make the process of purchasing cruise tickets a little easier.

Uplift is a “buy now, pay later” financial solution that works with hundreds of partners in the hospitality, entertainment and travel space to help smooth out cash flow logistics for buyers. Transactions facilitated by Uplift secure bookings on cruises, airlines, and at hotels upfront while allowing the buyer to spread the cost of the activity over several months, paying for the purchase in what Uplift refers to as “bite-sized portions.”

Ensuring patrons had this option was important to the organizers of Utopia, Glowbal Citizens Entertainment. According to CEO Ernice Gilbert, “We wanted to make Utopia Carnival Cruise & Festival as accessible and as low-stress as possible for the party going public. We know that booking a cabin on a cruise ship can be pricey, so Uplift will help patrons access this premium fete experience without too much disruption to their daily finances.”

The Uplift option to pay is integrated into the booking process on Utopia’s website, so there’s nothing patrons have to do other than choose their cabin and select the “pay monthly” option at checkout. Providers such as Air Canada, Divi Resorts, and Universal Studios already use the service to help their guests access products and services. Thus Mr. Gilbert believes that UCCF is in good company. “I couldn’t be happier to partner with Uplift; they understand what we are trying to do and have committed to providing that flexibility for as many of our Utopia guests that may require it,” he said.

As preparations for the 10-day entertainment extravaganza that is Utopia continues, the Consortium will remain the platform to stay informed of developments and updates from the event organizers.