Utopia Announces Land Festivals’ Inclusion in Cabin Packages; Haven Suite Cabins Get VIP Access

August 21, 2023

Utopia Announces Land Festivals’ Inclusion in Cabin Packages; Haven Suite Cabins Get VIP Access

In a move geared towards maximizing attendee experience, organizers of the Utopia Carnival Cruise & Festival (UCCF) have announced that all land events will now be included in the cabin package. This enhancement ensures that cruise-goers can indulge in the complete on-land experience without any additional financial outlay.

Those who had previously purchased both a cabin and land festival tickets separately are in for a treat. The UCCF team has guaranteed full refunds, ensuring attendees enjoy the revamped offerings without any additional burden.

To facilitate seamless participation, attendees will find four wristbands in their cabins upon arrival. Each wristband, differentiated by a unique color, corresponds to a specific festival scheduled on different days. This system promises an organized and immersive experience for everyone on board.

Highlighting the event’s allure, the internationally acclaimed “African Giant”, Burna Boy, is set to headline at Utopia: The Unity Festival. The ten-day festival extravaganza will also feature a host of global talents, including the likes of DJ Puffy, dancehall sensation Spice, and legendary reggae band Morgan Heritage.

Blending both sea and shore experiences, UCCF promises a ten-day adventure where attendees can revel in onboard festivities and on-land cultural immersion. The synchronization of events ensures that attendees can partake in a balanced mix of relaxation and revelry.

For attendees who’ve opted for the plush surroundings of the Haven Suite cabins, luxury just got an upgrade. In addition to the regular amenities, they will now be graced with VIP tickets to all land events, ensuring an elite festival experience that matches their upscale accommodations.

Attendees or those with queries can reach out for further details via email at [email protected] or by calling #689-280-5081. The UCCF team encourages early communication to ensure smooth logistics and an unparalleled carnival experience.

The Utopia Carnival Cruise & Festival continues to redefine carnival luxury, setting new benchmarks for festive getaways. Book your experience today and be part of this revolution in entertainment and tourism.